Pop Art Style by ROCO Studio

Pop Art Style by ROCO Studio
5th July 2018 ROCO Studio

Get to know the Pop Art Style by ROCO Studio

As a multi-disciplinary artist, ROCO is fascinated by many forms of art. For his mixed-media technique he uses acrylic paint, (neon) ink, spraypaint and handmade templates.

Look Book (100 x 150 cm). Mixed Media on canvas: Acrylic, spray paint. Collection of 2 artworks: Red (left), The Look (right).

All are ready to hang.

Make Me Famous (90 x 110 cm). Mixed Media on canvas: Acrylic, spray paint, handmade template. Collection of 4 original artworks: #2, #4, #3.

All are ready to hang.

Deadly Smile (xx). Mixed Media on paper (240 gr): Acrylic, (neon) ink, spray paint, handmade template. Here displayed (left to right): #

Artwork is shipped in a tube.

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